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Sep. 8th, 2012

Harry Potter fans- May I have your attention!

As summer settles down, you may be asking yourself, “What are my plans for May 9-13th, 2013?” MISTI-Con!

MISTI-Con 2013, http://www.misti-con.org/ ,is going to be a smashing affair.

Now that the war is over, it is time to rebuild the Ministry and we need a few good wizards and witches to accomplish the reconstruction. Do you have what it takes to be an Auror?

Are you a fanfiction writer? Do you have a topic that you would like to discuss? Feel the need to hang out at a bar like the Leaky Cauldron & talk Quidditch over a Butterbeer with others? Feel the need to attend Ministry balls in your dress robes to celebrate? Maybe an all-nighter with HP’ers like yourself & toast to a Wizarding world without Voldemort? Please take a look and join us for a fun filled time. MISTI-Con is going to rock and we want you to be a part of it.

It is not to late to register for a week filled with Harry Potter fans and a schedule of fun filled times celebrating Post Voldemort! Head on over to http://www.misti-con.org/ and register.

Early registration is going on! The location is ideal for HP’ers and a fun filled time to be had by all. Won’t you join us?

It is a Mother's Day weekend, fear not. We know it was a mother's love that saved Harry Potter and we recognize that they need to be honored. MISTI-Con has a special event set aside to honor all mothers.

Please go to http://www.misti-con.org/ and join us at the Margate Resort in Laconia, NH. May 9-13th to celebrate MISTI-Con. We look forward to having fellow Harry Potter fans come & celebrate.

Strange dream...

I am so looking for someone to interpret this dream for me.

I was in bed and in a relationship with a very sad Sean Penn. My interpretation, he was there. Moody, fully aware that he was sad. To me, I loved him enough to know he was there but not really. I was sad that he knew I knew, he needed to leave. He didnt know how to leave me. I had signs where I had my bags present and was already with someone else in the building. Michael Fasssbender. (Don't ask). Michael was very much within my age range and I loved that he was escorting me in some direction. When it comes to love I see that Michael is who I want to be with. We live within this building complex and Sean is very much aware of him. Michael asks me to go with him. I do. At the same time, Sean knows the date and we hug in the same bed. I walk away from him and then leave.

Now, I do not have these two guys pinning for me. Nor do I have two guys in my life right now, pinning for me. Has anyone a clue as to what the heck is going on? I felt lost but I wasnt sure what to make of it. I know I felt strange and torn.
SO I just went thru the Oscars.. Guess what? HP did not deserve to win. After looking at a movie like Hugo & The Artist, if they ever wanted HP to win they should have been more cohesive with the whole production. I mean Hugo made HP look small. I am a huge HP fan but let us be real for a minute, these movies were not nearly as good as they could have been. I think if the script had been a little better, if the directors had not made such changes that it totally abandoned why HP was soo great, it would have had a chance.
I guess I can sit back and laugh later on when HBO takes the HP franchise and make a killing with the talented people and sweep the Emmy's... til then I can hope that david yates and steve kloves will learn a very important lesson here. Dont do it your way. Go with your gut feeling then do the opposite.

Ginny/Bonnie was robbed

I hate the fact that I have to post on my livejournal & defend my girl Bonnie for her portrayal of Ginny Weasley. It really pisses me off that no one had a thought of her as an actress until she had to carry seconds in her role.
So much criticism in her acting and kissing - come on!
Count the time she spent on the screen.
Did her kiss even compare to the productions that were made for the Cho/Harry kiss or for that matter the Hermione/Harry kiss? No. Instead we had two quick kisses and one snog that was directed horribly in DH1.

I have to keep defending Bonnie because in my heart, she is out there selling the movie and doing all these things and never being recognized as a person in the movie, only the one who doesnt click with Dan. How about Dan? The only things I am going to say is this, this was a movie centered on Harry & Hermione. Ron was portrayed as a dufus. Ginny, we we were lucky that she made appearances here and there. I hope Bonnie's work in the other movies coming out prove her acting abilities and that she kicks ass!
Yates - you will never work in this town again - no vision. Please register for classes with Peter Jackson. I am sure you can learn a thing or two about how to direct a movie. get a vision. Kloves - dont even get me started. You can write - I will give you that. But as far as being an objective writer. Please. i am sure you can now work on the stories on how Hermione saves the world.

Say it isn't so!

I cannot believe that the last of the Harry Potter movies is here!
I have been in denial and fearful that this day would come.

First off, glad that WB finally decided to do a better red carpet than they had. Last year was a disaster and my anger towards them led to my writing an anger letter or five as a fan who waited and then was unable to enjoy the red carpet because they mucked it up.

SO right now, I am relaxing and having some Nancy time. Looking forward to a HP day starting with the dueling class in Central Park. Loving it. I really want to take the shots tomorrow - the HP shots! Yay!

I cannot believe it. As a Draco/Ginny fan (ok, a Harry / Ginny fandom as well) I have mixed feelings as the day draws near.I cannot wait to see the movies but at the same time I dread watching it. Obvious reason - production vs. book. I hope that they do some justice to the story.

I have a bolt to create & kleenex to buy for "The End". squish, squish

Its true....

I really hate winter. The cold weather and snow do not make me a happy camper.
My sister argues stating it is the most wonderful time of the year.
She is lucky I don't push her to the curb 2 feet deep of snow.

feet are cold. Someone hand me another blanket.

The day after......

I feel like I was made to run around and prep for the Christmas party @ my place only to note that I would not take part in the after CHristmas sales event. My sister made a killing prior to 11am before the snow fell. 
I was home eating breakfast and trying to wake up. I had cleaned until well past 4am. My sisters & mother did a wonderful job in creating a feast. The we had a "friendly" competition of who would create the best gingerbread house. We lost. Niece picked the bigger house as the winner. My niece is three. But then, we hit the mother load...... JUST DANCE 2 Wii game. It was great fun and what was even funnier was watching my brother dance off against his girlfriends daughter. I had tears in my eyes. My sister and I had a great dance off and just towards the end, I won. My sister said next time she is wearing leggings so she can beat me...
Next game was GLEE sing along. We are all still deaf from the bad singers (myself and brother) I was asked to keep the background music on for future notice.. Should I be offended?  
All in all, we ad a great time. I was glad that there was no snow until Sunday. I cant wait til next year. 

HP'ers! I got me a sorting hat & warm blanket with Hogwarts in the front... I love em! Now to get the Ginny Weasley wand would be the ultimate prize!

Lots of love and happiness & peace to all.
& if you dont celebrate, I am still thinking of you! 

World Quidditch Cup has come to an end....

What an amazing day!
Took in  a game with a friend who has never had the pleasure of witnessing the all demanding quidditch games. 

I thought I would miss a game since I had to travel to Philadelphia for the weekend BUT I did make it back in time to see a game. So I walked to the park and sent a text to my friend to get an idea of where she was located. There he was! Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus from LOST)! He was standing there watching the games! Michael Emerson was watching the game! I was really looking at his dog and thought the dog was so cute but then when I saw the owner, yeow! I was so beside myself. I told him all about the IQA & the world cup event we were having. He was sooo cool!

So then I find The Group That Shall Not Be Named (TGTSNBN) cheering the teams and decided to walk to section. We inherit two seats and thought it was good BUT then right in front of me is Anthony Rapp! Yes, the actor who made the character Mark from RENT famous, actor from ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING & ROAD TRIP! He was soo cool. He stayed for the game and even took some pictures with the fans. 

As far as I was concerned, THIS Quidditch World Cup was a success! Our world is bringing fans from all over!
 Many of you have shown interest in it but in case you live in NY or would like to travel to NY to meet up with Harry Potter fans, might I suggest you check out this event on facebook and decide if you would like to check out some of the tunes from your favorite wizard rockers!

Its someones birthday! Soooooooo.......

 Happy Birthday DAGFOREVER! 

Hope Draco, Ginny, Thuban, Cyngus, Serpens, Leo & Lyra are treating you to wonderful day and that you are celebrating it well with the rest of your family! Happy 2010 birthday to you!