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The day after......

I feel like I was made to run around and prep for the Christmas party @ my place only to note that I would not take part in the after CHristmas sales event. My sister made a killing prior to 11am before the snow fell. 
I was home eating breakfast and trying to wake up. I had cleaned until well past 4am. My sisters & mother did a wonderful job in creating a feast. The we had a "friendly" competition of who would create the best gingerbread house. We lost. Niece picked the bigger house as the winner. My niece is three. But then, we hit the mother load...... JUST DANCE 2 Wii game. It was great fun and what was even funnier was watching my brother dance off against his girlfriends daughter. I had tears in my eyes. My sister and I had a great dance off and just towards the end, I won. My sister said next time she is wearing leggings so she can beat me...
Next game was GLEE sing along. We are all still deaf from the bad singers (myself and brother) I was asked to keep the background music on for future notice.. Should I be offended?  
All in all, we ad a great time. I was glad that there was no snow until Sunday. I cant wait til next year. 

HP'ers! I got me a sorting hat & warm blanket with Hogwarts in the front... I love em! Now to get the Ginny Weasley wand would be the ultimate prize!

Lots of love and happiness & peace to all.
& if you dont celebrate, I am still thinking of you! 


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